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01 Who We Are

We're a group of engineering focused people with passion for cutting edge technologies. Our background is in motorsport where we worked in a range of roles, but we believe that good practices can be applied in any field. Members of our team have worked on several projects – from being a part of big team in high-tech industry to managing a small team on our own.

02 What do we do?

Solve problems, to improve your business. Whether your problem requires engineering, operational or management level solution we will investigate it, identify critically points, propose solutions, and help you implement them in most effective manner.

03 We don't stop here

We believe that there’s always room for improvement. But that also applies to us – especially in today’s technology space progress and evolution is happening at an unprecedented pace. Problems solved years ago might have significantly better solution today.

Welcome to NOPE!

Professional experts ready to support any engineering project, from motorsport to electronics and more.

About NOPE

Young, skilled, enthusiast people ready to join any project

Not Only Cars

Our team is ready to embrace every new challenge related to engineering, technologies and development. Our portfolio includes companies all over the world on different field, from automotive to biomedical.

Motorsport Services

With a strong background in motorsport, our dedicated staff is capable of giving you the best service around the world for race engineer, performance engineer, strategist, team manager, mechanics and logistic support.

360 Degree Approach

Sometimes to improve you don’t need better, newer technology or more performing components. Instead, by focusing effort on extracting performance from what is already available significant gains can be made. Organisational changes are part of what we can provide.

Virtual Development

Filling the gap between simulation and real-life evaluations, enabling real-time ‘driver-in-the-loop’ feedback in a controlled environment. We can develop full simulation systems and support the racing teams on own activities.

Computer Aided Design

Our talented design team uses latest CAE technologies to provide customer with most accurate solution, as soon as possible. Virtual design loop of design – simulate – improve allow for significant time and cost savings thanks to providing more refined solution. CFD, FEM or dynamic simulations – we can do them.

Touch The Difference

We can provide rapid prototype using the 3D printing technology, testing and producing components and templates in scale (1:1 or smaller), with extreme rapidity, efficiency and an excellent relationship between timing and production cost.

Work Areas

It’s not that we use technology, we live technology.













Our Team

Motorsport addicted. Cars lovers. Passion for engineering.

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